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Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.

Hmm have been a fan for almost 6 years now. Made tons of them but there are few peoples who I know early of the year and still remains friend until today.

I remember most of my Arashian friends I met was on Crunchyroll before all of us jumped into Livejournal and Vox.

Friends that I made and am still love them as my good friends would be
[info]matsujunki3 (she is one of my friends that I admired in animation making and you help me a lot too for arashi news)
[info]kiwiniki_jas (she is the first person I opened myself to) 
[info]eternalsnowyugi (one of  fun sakuraiba wifey to talk to XD)
[info]lindsey4dream (always had a nice movie and drama conversation with her)
[info]ai_crisis (you and me, we are really good at doing story chain and we have the same dream of going to Japan and working as an arashi staff, being a dreamer with you was really fun)
[info]arashiphile (the first one that I let you into listen my love life past and it feels good to have someone who listen and give advice at the same moment)
[info]ghol88 (she is an awesome helper for some of the vids)
[info]dorian_is_gray (she dragged me into the world of gay fanfic ^^, and somehow I opened myself a bit saying that it’s a part of the world nowadays)
[info]maiisaki (my one and only aiba wifey back then XDXD)
and also [info]jayzslam & [info]ryoshige (I've been friends with you guys for almost six years already ^^" and to go out on a trip with you guys early of the year was awesome!~)
and I remember we used to be part of Maou Group back then in Crunchyroll where every Friday we will dedicated our one hour lives no matter what timezone we are in, to watch Maou live on TV and flails whenever the drama was on commercials =)

Funny how back then I ended up being friends with Jun Ichibaners (minus Yugi who loves Sho to the fullest XD) instead of Aiba XD and they were the one who expose me to the world of fanfic and lead me to the dark world of smutiness in one fic XDXDXD


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