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so today its already 15 sept 2009! you guys have been formed from out of nowhere on 15 sept 1999 and have been goin on strong year by year up till today! and with the only kanji written group called arashi, and with the theme of creating the storm thorought the world, u bring happiness and enjoyment in people around you and appreciated us the way it is without complaint. it is amazing how this two ways in one road goes between you and the fans!

all i can say is thank you for all the things you have done! Keep up a good work! and enjoy you days to the fullest with the only five of you!

arashi really can only belong to Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho!

Happy 10th anniversary Arashi!

that's all folks ^^
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finally thanks to my housemate bf, i finally got my concert goods pakage! XD thanks to 56th_avenue for helping to bought it...

basically now my housemate think im crazy, and that opinion was based on how i spend my money on arashi goods and cds..and i have to say, I DID SPEND MOST OF MY SALARY on them sadly...but then different people have different ways of wasting their money ryt, so mine basicaly it is arashi and liverpool..

here some sneek peek of my concert goods ^^

the tshirt is nice but somehow it was full of glitters

the clear file is love! XD

the phone strap..its kinda heavy...

earlier at work, marisa asked me wether i want to write something for the coming of her zints, while i was still thinking of what i should write, she suggested that i can write about arashi and why i love them so much ^^ hehe guess i will so looking forwARD to it ^^

oh lately i've been into super sentai series, the recent one called shinkenger..i have to say i like the guy who played the shikenred! and his name is tori matsuzaka ( i called him takeru since it was his act name in shinkenger) and can you believe, in recent WU with ohchan as cover have him for two pages! i was so suprised this morning when i peeked at the mag, i was like WAAAA its TAKERU!!!

this is him

these are the guys in shinkenger, apparently aiba hiroki was the reason i try to watch shinkenger and made me into watching it XD

and im so looking forward for this coming raya...too bad ramadhan is almost coming to an end...

okay, that's all folks ^^

PS: i always like serious face kind of guy, apparently i made a HUGE exception when it comes to this particular guy ^^

PPS 2: and i am OFFICIALLY his fan now XD

PPS 3: fellows aiba-chan fans, be prepared since start from sept 15, there will be lots of mag that will have aiba-chan as cover! XD
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i have been pratically dead these past two days im off from work! work sucks lately and somehow been getting annoying *sigh*

one incident happened that now really triggered the mood of changing work ASAP when new year comes...

when the incident happened the first thing i thought, i wonder how aiba-san dealt with this.

since in arashi, he is the most one been called idiot, as for me  i dont like tiny bit of it...

i hardly called people stupid on their face, and i expect the same, but the other ways around happened, which kinda pissed me off...

but then things ady happened, it not worth to dwell upon it forever, but i have to admit aiba is strong when it comes to this... i cant always be like him..he is something...

speaking of aiba, waa i have watched the My Girl cm, and i have to say kawaii~~~~~ the cm made me want october 9th to come was really heart-warming...

i have been reading lady bug entry too (been translated by say_it_again), and each entry made me goes doki-doki~~ aiba and momoka-chan are sure cute little pairing...and i notices aiba have changed his hair color fully to black ^^ 

he is getting more and more hot * soon im going to be drown in my own drool* 


i seriously found this pic is so damn cute~~ can u see how smooth aiba-chan face is *get bricked* minna do look forward to his drama ne^^

i changed my background layout too, since the recent arashi pamplet the pic was so nice! credit of the scan goes to arashi_yuuki ^^

that's all folks ^^

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i am in bitchy mode today..

things been going wrong since early morning until the time i got back from work..

got lots of thing on my mind that are driving my crazy..

but some good things did happened..

like how arashi all the best album had been hit 1million copies! ^^

omedetou arashi-san! you guys deserved it..

been looking at the paparazi photos of the con, the one with the matsujun bday celebration, aiba...aiba....MAJOR NOSEBLEED!~~~ and got sakuraiba too ^^ 

i wonder wether all the paparazi photos will be compiled in one photobook~

i heard about ryo and yamapi news! i hope they will be okay!

now im kinda worried about arashi-san too~ and well myself too apparently...

minna, take care! 

that's all folks! ^^
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AH today is junjun bday!

he already 26 huh..Otanjoubi Omedetou!

here a bit picspam of his!

lastly i always think dorky jun and chibi jun was more to my appealing ^^

im sure niki, abby and yugi will love my post today! since it have lots of their ichiban on my page O_O

anyways, i wondered what kind of bday party arashi and fans will throw for him at kokuritsu tonight? i bet i will be awesome! too bad sho-chan cant stay long since he have an election coverage to cover after tonight *the guy work himself to the fullest i tell ya!* 

JUNjun again HAPPY 26th BDAY!!!

back to arashi ramblings * wink wink*

i always thought kokuritsu concert was the best at the moment, maybe it was an open air and the scene was nice and soothing? i seriously hoping a good luck in the future of being able to go to the concert one day~

i dunno why, even when i watched the clips on the news, i had watery eyes! they were good, they are really good when it comes to emotionally attached with the fans~~

they really work hard these past 10 years and they deserved it!

and i am happy to say i am an arashian~

today my bit anxiety had been cured! i finally reunited with my ARASHI ALL THE BEST LE ALBUM! XD

i also even bought a PIkANCHi DOUBLE photobook using my voucher that i got last month ^^

that's all folks ^^


Aug. 29th, 2009 06:38 am
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gosh reading the fan report and seeing the morning news, makes me cry~~

the concert was awesome! 

cant wait for today concert report~

enjoy minna!

*off to work in teary eyes*
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waaa kokuritsu only tomorrow~~~

cant wait for fans report of how the concert goes~~~

the concert goods were awesome!

cant wait for my tee, charm and also clear file to arrive~~~

gosh im so wanna the penlight and also aiba clear file now~~~

and this saturday cant wait to get my cd from jufa!!! aaaa cant wait, cant wait~~~

that's all folks ^^

PS: aiba and the kid who play his daughter are so cute together!

PPS: so this the fourth colaboration between arashi and kaijani 8 huh! awesome~
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 so now im offically 24 now!

my bday just over 9 minutes ago~

i hope all my wish will come true some part of it ^^

and i just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH! for the bday wishes and wallies u made for me! ^^

that's all folks!XD
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today i finally have time to look at comic of slam dunk SP, the one where Takehiko Inoue drew on the whiteboard.

all i know that it was awesome!!

Slam Dunk was the reason im into japanese stuff to begins with...and hanamichi and shohoku basketball team was awesome!

the Slam DUnk 10 days after took off after what happened in last volume of slam dunk manga.

here are some sneek peek of it ^^

the front cover~

sakuragi hanamichi

rukawa kaede

akagi takenori

mitsui hisashi

ryota miyagi

the drawing on the blackboard

the inspirational items

the character sketches

the mangaka words of gratitude

the fillers..

overall the SLam Dunk Ten DAys After was awesome!

i miss slam dunk so much..

i remember it made me into basketball till today..

somehow it makes me feel young and nostalgic in a way~

that's all folks ^^

PS: aiba will be on Galac Dec cover! yay~

PPS 2: Kokuritsu concert only left 5 days, cant wait to read the concert review by fellow fans~

PPs#3: Somehow Johnny have been so strict about the ticket, i wish all the best for everyone going! ^^

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so my fave month has returned..

ramadhan is tomorrow...

a month that can make me at peace...

just wanna wish all my muslim friends


PS: apparently yuuka-chan going to play as aiba gf in My Girl~so now i wonder who's going to be their daughter? and aiba in glass was hmm drooling~~~~

PPS 2: gosh i love arashi pic in both myojo and popolo! arashi in suits and sakuraiba~~~~~


Aug. 19th, 2009 01:21 am
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ive been posting less month by month i notices~

hmm today at work, got a sudden appraiser~

the thing that come from it, manage job get done time management  for better in the future and also need to improve innitiative~

WEIRD, but somehow it goes very well~

but dont think i will be having another one next year though ^^

ALL THE BEST going to be release tomorrow!!

hidden track, hmm all i can it was fast~

5x10 was awesome!

aiba in spec, seriously look like KAZUMA mode ady!!! ahhhh i cant wait for MY GIRL!

apparently Oh-chan will be the next WU cover~

im so nervous for aiba drama now~

they still havent reveal the full cast yet

and i know that sept and oct, im hoping of lots aiba cover mag~

last but not least~
i made a new wallie! XD

that's all folks ^^

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ah its been a while i havent put any ans screencaps..

last night ans was awesome..

another aiba sugoroku, and this time with cosplay..

i have to say it was a must watch episode coz it  was funny..

thanks for last of days for the vid dload ...

here some screencaps for our entertainment..

arashi cosplayer..

aiba-chan wore mexican

ohno as shogun samurai

sho-chan um in chinese

nino is a cowboy without a horse

well we all know jun like to be a king if he doesnt have arashi *gets bricked*

this was aiba "not looking like" panda look

this was oh-chan kawaii~ panda look * ah i want to squished his chubby cheek*

this is what happened when the king bullied the citizen..they got something spicy hit their eyes...

when it comes to bullying nino, even ogu-san tempted to join too ^^

uh sho swan *jafjahasjgfagfksjahajkhsjkadask*

our cute panda shogun oh-chan graceful swan pose! XD

sho-chan painted gold face is priceless esp when he kept saying sayaku~~

apparently the king also had join turning into gold party~

arashi air guitar!!! very nostagic...

ah i've been replaying the 5x10 for like 47474874869938633839 times!

cant wait for the good quality ver to come out since my own copy will only arrives at early sept...

and im in a serious anxiety of waiting for aiba-chan drama to starts. they still havent show the full cast and who get to sing the theme song...

that's all folks ^^

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so work have been busy as usual since all the new title have come in~

but i did have a good weeks with full of emotion mix and to be frank my mood swings become majorly worse..but somehow my collegues can still stand i am thankful for that...

this week i released my tension by went for movies with nicole... we went for back to back movie watch...we went to watch the proposal on the first day and then ghost of past girl friends past the very next day...

i have to say both of the movies were good but if i enjoyed more it would be the proposal! i was LOL for the whole movie minus the sad part! sandra bullock is my fave actress and she is good when it comes to comedy~ and ryan reynolds, gosh he melted my heart throughout the whole movie!

so comes to my arashi flailing now!

apparently for aiba drama, they still havent show full casting yet huh...i wonder who will be playing as aiba daughter? well to be frank, im worried how aiba acting will turned out..i mean he havent been in a drama for 5 years adready...

speaking of drama, yesterday i happened to stumbled on a book called ARASHI SACRED PLACE..apparently it contain a picture of location shoot of the drama of arashi member stared in...and i have to say if it have full member thingy i definately will buy it but apparently our aiba is missing in the book, so it didnt become arashi book even...

so the new song!!! 5x10!! the song really dedicated to us huh...gosh the song have been created by themselves just for us...and the melody and the lyrics...ah its so hearwarming...and i have to say everyone sound so good! i felt sad and relieved at the same time...makes me now know why i love these 5 lovealbe idiots... they can make me sad, happy, envy and feel grateful at the same time...

i have to say, im happy to be in this makes me met these 5 idiots who work hard for themselves and for us...then it makes me lots of other fans from other part of the world too....and it makes me being more open and friendly.. and it makes me to be part of something....

and lastly, i finally get a new phone! XD

its sony erricson W508..the second phone i ever bought in my life so far! yay later i can hear the 5x10 song in my new life saver..XD

that's all folks...^^

PS: i going to watch GI JOE later in the evening..i wonder how the movie will turn out! 

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finally my dream have come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! after five years he finally have a drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he will be playing as a papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kya~~~~~~

im a happy fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i am proud to spend my money on the mags that will have him as the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now october please come fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i have to make space for his drama and his promo vids that will be flooding soon~

gosh im so proud of him!!!!!

finally i will have a complete of arashi member drama collection!!

aiba masaki!! i am a happy fan of yours!!

aiba you gave me the best bday present ever!!
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so august ady times really flies fast...

huhu arashi concert going to start soon...soon the mags will be full of them...and bdw this month alone will have lots of mags with arashi on the cover...and now im waiting for WU with aiba on the cover and i wonder when that would be...

uh my RL been mood swings been getting worse day by day...i can be happy then sad within a minute..dunno y, but ive been worrying about lots of things...and my face...apprently ive been having red face for like more than a week already...i hate it..i hate it...

to get my mind of things, i finally have time to watch Angel series again..
.i managed to finish season one today and i have to say angel brings lots of memory...i mean the show was shown when i was 14 years old and still it have good impact on me... and my crush on Angel has return again...^^
and my worship of angel&cordy romance still lives till today..

.but i hate it when cordy have to die in season five...basically all the original character from angel dies in the end...doyle, cordy and wesley...gosh so sad....

but then i still have another four season to go...and i will definately going to enjoy it..XDXDXD gah i miss old times when there were alot of good dramas such as angel, x-files, jake 2.O and so much more..nowdays even csi vegas already lost most of the ori character..*sigh*

hmm i think enough rant for off to sleep since i wiill be working morning shift...

thats all folks ^^

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ah lately its been hot....*sweats* the weather is getting worse~

just finished my 5 days marathon work last night, so darn tiring..

nothing much happened except another 3 days PT quit again, then i got listed of getting kino rm50 voucher for never been late to work for the half of the year and iza coming back from japan! iza okaieri! XD

just yesterday my line been a bit okay so i've been dloading vs arashi fuji SP, and back to back ans ep from stormy...i have to say there guys can be my daily drugs whenever i feel like getting high~ sigh*

apparently the vsa fuji sp i dont really enjoyed it i know when aiba is anxious he cant do thing properly since he feel the tension...and i was wondering why sho even played the cliff climbing when we all know how bad he is at that game... and to be pair with anxious aiba , somehow my sakuraiba have been a dragged in the game and for the team...but i have to say juntoshi have a great understanding in the game and both are fast...

but in the end aiba did making up his mistakes in cliff climbing by getting high point in falling pipes...apparenly in arashi both jun and aiba is the one who is so damn good with game...with both having preety much high mark on their shoulder...

but overall the episode was an okay for me..but i did enjoyed their ep where they did the barbeque and they really seem to be enjoying doing an outdoor activity together...

and i cant help to notices that there were lots of sakuraiba moment too..^^

okay some of the pic to complete this post..XD

sourvenior from iza from japan.>XD

kino voucher gift..^^

from here we can see aimiya friendship is the best...XD

even the shell want to have sakuraiba moment..XD

sho master atist work! XD

ohno baby~

sho brat baby face~ ^^

PPS: apparently aiba goin to have a drama entitled My Girl, a remake drama based on korean hit drama My Girl itself! and i love that drama, the only korean drama that i finished watching and love! and aiba going to work with imai tsubasa and the drama itself going to start on october...ah i seriously hope this news will be a dream come true...and if its true my wallet will be happy to buy all the aiba mag with aiba as a cover! XD  *prays hard* and oh yea i hope they will have a nice and cool heroin for aiba though....and im hoping it will be mizukawa asami..^^

that's all folks! XD

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there is a saying said " curiousity kills the cat!" and today somehow i kinda get what it means...

i was on the way to work morning shift and when i was walking to the tren station, i saw lots of people gathered around. at first i thought maybe some filming was going on and i went toward to the crowd to sneek peek at whats hot. but to my suprise, it was beyond my imagination. it was actually a crime scene of a murder!

at first i saw lots of police and the yellow tape, but few seconds later suddenly i saw there was lots of blood and then the more i look then i saw the body...and its was kinda scary..

it never occured to me that i will ever see a crime scene in real life except in tv.

up till tonight, the image still clear on my mind...

darn..seriously curiousity can kills the cat...

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yesterday went to hang out with salwa and jules..went to watch HArry Potter again as for me...since last time im not enjoying it as much as i can since im in a hurry to work..

before we went in , we hang out and talk and then salwa gave me one of the best thing! it was the chopstick cover and tissue from aiba chinese restaurant...XD she got it during her visit to the restaurant, and im just feel cho ureshi~

here is the pic..XD

apparently aiba chinese restaurant name is called kakaeru ^^ eventhough i didnt have the chance of going yet, thanks salwa for bringing it to me...^^

next, ah so nino au cm was out...his phone was so cool...and the cm itself was cho kawaii~

i dont which one to choose! nino or the ketai itself..^^

our hero ready to strike pose..XD

i have to say he look cute here...*dies*

super fast gold fish catching mode on! xD

well i find this picture is nice! 

been doing another dloading spree of DnA...ah i miss A no Arashi so much....and i miss SakurAiba boat experiment too...

tomorrow start working after 3 days leave...haiz so lazy...

that's all folks ^^

arashic0804: (Default) are you guys??

me not good...i happened to have a worse allergy in my life and it cost me, my face...yesterday i have red face that look like im wearing a blusher but today it got makes my face swollen and i look lots older than i least i got a glimpse on how i look when i reached 4oyears old huh *shivers at that thought* so today went to clinic that supposed to kino panel but then the clinic were close until 22 july! what a luck that im having, so i have to go to the clinic that need me to use my money * im always stingy when it comes to buy meds, weird habit i knw* and i hate being sick...

today been doing nothing but some dloading stuff...and i seriously like yesterday VsA or more like Vs Aiba??  aND now we know that in arashi the person junjun dont want to lose with most is aiba...its funny how jun always consider aiba as his rival ne...overall it was a fun episode..

here junjun said now its vs aiba?! and aiba said yes..XDXD

sho is a master at failing and look dorky at the same time..XDXD

i finally get to see aiba field navigator at the JAPAN CUP and i have to say he look so good and he look a bit nervous while reporting ne...but this is aiba we're talking about. he is not sho, sho second job is newscaster but here my ichiban can do exactly what my niban is doing and it makes me proud...the one he makes me more proud is when he himself joined to do his own style of gymnast and i have to say even though its amatuer he was so good! and the mark he got was also not bad for a beginner...gah aiba congrats! 

aiba looks seriously good here...^^

ah i seriously want to reduce my mags buying but just now when i lay me eyes on anan scan gosh i seriously love the picture...oh yea did arashi was on the cover? coz the recent anan i  glanced have fukuyama masaharu as the cover...i love the pic, aiba look so hot..but sho, hmm sho i think he really need to grow his hair fast coz somehow he looks like he was a school kid in the scan...*get bricks by sho's wifey*

and i wonder who will be on the next cover of wink far only left ohno and aiba...i seriouly hoping aiba will be last since i will be broke next month too...*sweats* i wonder when im not broke though..*sigh*

ah so nino butai ady start..i even planned to buy the english version of the novel by patricia jay smith..XD oh i dont know in the butai got nino forbidden kiss...his kissing with a guy...well more like the guy kiss nino when he is dead...*get bricked by nino wifey* and did nino really get a new haircut for that butai coz i have to say he look manly with that hairstyle *wringle my eyebrow*

at least he does look like he is 26 years old ne..XD

finally i like the cancan of arashi group pic...and my vox finally have a new banner...and now i think i have finally lost my touch on adobe *cries* but then i like how my banner turn out..haha..

thats all folks...XD

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went to watch harry potter half blood prince yesterday..i watch the first time slot show at 10.30am before i start my noon shift...the hall was packed except for the three first line of the seating...everyone was getting excited, since harry potter was not on the cinema for about two year and the franchise almost coming to an end...

the movie ticket seller lied to me...she said the movie was 2hour duration but it turn out it was 2 and half hour! overall i think the movie was just a so-so...but marisa and ah woon who happened to watch at the same day said it was nice.. IMO the movie is better than the book.. for the harry potter book saga, half blood prince was not even my favourite since the plot was so boring and dragging and the way JK Rowling kills Dumbledore, it was half assed.. i notices she was a bit lacking of talent on how to write death scene since the way cedric, sirius and also dumbledore died was so damn pissed me off.. okay back to the movie, the plot was okay but i think the scene was a bit messed up and in a rush at one point...

the scene i like most was the part of hermonie ron and lavender triangle love scene...the way hermonie acted was so cute when she realised that she loves ron, and hermonie and ron have always been my favourite couple ever since the sagas begins... the other scene i love also was the part of dumbledore show his true wizard ability when fighting the water zombies... the rest if the plot, i seem cant remember anymore...

for the characters, harry still look short to me, ron is always a goofy kid that i adores so much, hermonie sure is a damn preety young lady and draco sure turn out to be a handsome not-looking-forward-to-be-evil guy...

the rating i gave for this movie is 3 and half stars..

PPS 1: isit true aiba going to have a new drama?????????????????????????????????????? GOD i REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE IT!!! PLEASE GIVE ME AN AIBA DRAMA SO THAT MY DVD COLLECTION IS COMPLETE WITH ALL OF ARASHI MEMBERS!

PPS 2: ah Aiba and Ohchan in Non No was cho kawaii, somehow it reminds me alot of Uta No Onisan returns! XD and IM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE COMING ISSUE OF non NO SINCE IT WILL HAVE SAKURAIBA! cho ureshi~

PPS 3: just now Salwa called me and told me that she got me 5 arashi singles during her stay in japan! im a happy fan now..XDXDXD

that's all folks..XD


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