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finally my dream have come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! after five years he finally have a drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he will be playing as a papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kya~~~~~~

im a happy fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i am proud to spend my money on the mags that will have him as the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now october please come fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i have to make space for his drama and his promo vids that will be flooding soon~

gosh im so proud of him!!!!!

finally i will have a complete of arashi member drama collection!!

aiba masaki!! i am a happy fan of yours!!

aiba you gave me the best bday present ever!!
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yesterday went to hang out with salwa and jules..went to watch HArry Potter again as for me...since last time im not enjoying it as much as i can since im in a hurry to work..

before we went in , we hang out and talk and then salwa gave me one of the best thing! it was the chopstick cover and tissue from aiba chinese restaurant...XD she got it during her visit to the restaurant, and im just feel cho ureshi~

here is the pic..XD

apparently aiba chinese restaurant name is called kakaeru ^^ eventhough i didnt have the chance of going yet, thanks salwa for bringing it to me...^^

next, ah so nino au cm was out...his phone was so cool...and the cm itself was cho kawaii~

i dont which one to choose! nino or the ketai itself..^^

our hero ready to strike pose..XD

i have to say he look cute here...*dies*

super fast gold fish catching mode on! xD

well i find this picture is nice! 

been doing another dloading spree of DnA...ah i miss A no Arashi so much....and i miss SakurAiba boat experiment too...

tomorrow start working after 3 days leave...haiz so lazy...

that's all folks ^^

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im happy to be able to read a good interview about aiba-chan! XD

thanks to [ profile] hemisofia for the translation for nikeii entertainment article which they talked about how arashi rised up from the spot of #60 to #19.

and i was so happy when they said aiba is arashi shadow navigator and hls been having a rise popularity member in arashi *even though he dont have any drama* and how he and jun share the same spot of famous member in arashi among the females...

it seriously makes me happy to be able to read people acknowledgement of aiba's work! 

and now i seriously need to hunt the mag! coz aiba look so damn kakoii in there!!!!!!!!!!! 

ok thats all folks! ^^
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hmm tonight goin to rambling about arashi..and aiba.....

they start their year not doing group work(minus their tv shows) up till today...and till next month...when they will start promoting BELIEVE..

for solo job of each members, they start off well...

first ohno, with a drama and a solo of his own for the theme song of the drama UTA no Onisan...*so cool* in january...

then aiba, with a stage play GREEN FINGERS at the end of february...

next is sho, who already start his promotion of Yatterman that will play in March...

following sho later in the same month, will be Nino with a drama SP Door to Door...

and then the latest one would be matsujun, who will have a drama after a while in april entitled SMILE...

but when see from other POV,  the other members except aiba will appear in silver screen and will have alot of their faces on the magazines covers....and its depressing for not having aiba as the cover of big magazines cover...and me for once really want to spend money on the mags that have aiba as the cover *cant manage to get look at star recent issue!* 

will the same history like last year will happened to aiba again in arashi?...last year each member contributed in giving one single for arashi as in jun~one love(hanadan), ohno~truth(maou), sho~kazae no mukoe(beijing) and last nino~beautiful days(ryusei no kizuna), well aiba...

i reallly really wish aiba will have a drama...or a movie or a drama SP at least.... and have a good year in arashi as in being in the list of contributing something...but then aiba is still the same aiba...and hope he will just be happy with arashi....


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