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finally my dream have come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! after five years he finally have a drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he will be playing as a papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kya~~~~~~

im a happy fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i am proud to spend my money on the mags that will have him as the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now october please come fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i have to make space for his drama and his promo vids that will be flooding soon~

gosh im so proud of him!!!!!

finally i will have a complete of arashi member drama collection!!

aiba masaki!! i am a happy fan of yours!!

aiba you gave me the best bday present ever!!
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so august ady times really flies fast...

huhu arashi concert going to start soon...soon the mags will be full of them...and bdw this month alone will have lots of mags with arashi on the cover...and now im waiting for WU with aiba on the cover and i wonder when that would be...

uh my RL been mood swings been getting worse day by day...i can be happy then sad within a minute..dunno y, but ive been worrying about lots of things...and my face...apprently ive been having red face for like more than a week already...i hate it..i hate it...

to get my mind of things, i finally have time to watch Angel series again..
.i managed to finish season one today and i have to say angel brings lots of memory...i mean the show was shown when i was 14 years old and still it have good impact on me... and my crush on Angel has return again...^^
and my worship of angel&cordy romance still lives till today..

.but i hate it when cordy have to die in season five...basically all the original character from angel dies in the end...doyle, cordy and wesley...gosh so sad....

but then i still have another four season to go...and i will definately going to enjoy it..XDXDXD gah i miss old times when there were alot of good dramas such as angel, x-files, jake 2.O and so much more..nowdays even csi vegas already lost most of the ori character..*sigh*

hmm i think enough rant for off to sleep since i wiill be working morning shift...

thats all folks ^^


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