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ah today was fun~

went to marisa's house along with nicole, anusha and huda~

marisa~ i love your house and room esp!~ and also Saru~ XD

we played board game The Talisman, me as a dwarf...but anusha won the game in the end~

oh yea we also ate a lot at her house as in scorn, nachos and also macaroni~ and i dunno the other cake name~ but it was DELICIOUS! XD thanks for the food too~ XD

and then after the talisman game, we playes the DUNGEONS and DRAGONS~

i have my own character neither do anusha and nicole, huda will be joining us next week~

my character is

name: Aiba Haeralin

race: Drows (third category of elves) *the rebelious one*

personalities: sadistic, arrogant, cruel, destructive, hedonistic, and treacherous

Aiba Haerelin

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hmm today i spend my off day doin something fun..its been a while i seem to know what fun is...

well me and my three collegues huda, marisa and nicole, v have a Gurl's Day today and planned to go to karaoke..hehe..i nvr like karaoke but since its still new year i want to try something new so v went...and it was fun..v sang with our "nice" voice and just enjoy the day... v choose old songs and while singing i cant help it when old memories start to flood back...i missed high school year where there was NSYNC, BSB, WESTLIFE and best frens to enjoy the song...

but now since arashi been flooding in my mind and ive been hearing japanese songs for about a year so it makes new memories with my new frens...

fun is really something good that happened..XD

here some picspam of our outing..

me and huda new year resolution is to try something new and that is KARAOKE! XD

the trio that soon to be famous with our voice * in another alternate universe*

me and nicole ^^

the girl ver of KINKI KIDS..huda and marisa..XDXD

hmm oh yea Chinese New YEar is around the corner and it seem this year theme focus more on sakura flower instead of fire cracker.. and somehow i feel like i live in japan...XDXD

i definately want to go to japan to see sakura flower one day ^^

ok thats all folks..XD


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