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its already o119am here in malaysia, so i want to take a chance wishing Emille aka theseventheaven a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy your day to the fullest!!!

here a cute shy smile jun for ya~ hope ya like it! XD

 enjoy ^^
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ah i almost fell asleep...hehe...but it still early..its only 12.39 and ayla ya knw we share the same time zone! hehe all i want to do is WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY gurl!!!! i hope you will like the graphic i made to you~

and i miss talking to you too~ 

hope to catch up with you soon buddy~

here a hot ohno in suit for ya~

hope ya like it~


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its already 12 midnight here so i officially wish my friend Nats A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and enjoy your day to the fullest onwards!!!! and here i present you an aiba-chan greeting wallie! i hope you like it ^^

enjoy ^^
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i know it still early an hour but then i probably wont be awake when the time comes! hehe so here i am to wish to a friend of mine named Chris A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and enjoy your day onwards to the fullest! 

and i hope you will like this graphic of mine! *its seriously been a while i havent made any and sorry if it is not nice dear *sweats*

it is not aiba but how can you deny arashi love ne ne ne...but then soon you will have a lot of aiba to drools at *wink* *wink*

so here douzo!


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