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 ah today i finally managed to clear all my mags reservation (minus nikkei entertainment)! well its a lot and it have them as the cover ^^

yes it have all arashi as the cover, and i know people ive been reserved those mags for a months *sigh* but then who the hell cares as long as i have what i want right? right? 

and i've gotta say, they look so damn hot in suits! 

and i also bought arashi minumum aiba XD

i have to say there are lots of nice pic of aiba in there *flails*

as for my life rant, oh today unexpectedly i met one of my long time best friend in kino too. and i was cho happy to meet her again. event though we live in the same state but somehow we only managed to contact from texting and facebook. man she have become a beautiful woman and ahhhmm girl, you get yourself a malay boyfriend..haha...nice! somehow all of our gangs seem to be in integration mode! im so proud with all of us!! *pats on the back* ^^

oh yea and also earlier when i went to pay my mags, i happened to ask whether our store did bring Mgirl mag or not, and to be my suprised it happened to arrive today and i happened to sneak peek at it and i happened to have a major nosebleed and also happened to reserve one copy for my own personal drools ^^ gosh the mags was awesome and it happened to be a bilingual mags which mean people you can read the mag in english too! *throws confetti around* XD so get a copy people esp for aiba-chan fans!!!! in my f-lists!!! 

and OH CRAP! i just peeked at JYOSEI SEVEN mag AND DIES!!!!! THE PIC IS SO DAMN NICE!!!!! and it have SAKURAIBA AND AINI! *now tomorrow i have to run early in store so i can reserved one copy for my own personal drools* 

that's all folks! 


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