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me not good...i happened to have a worse allergy in my life and it cost me, my face...yesterday i have red face that look like im wearing a blusher but today it got makes my face swollen and i look lots older than i least i got a glimpse on how i look when i reached 4oyears old huh *shivers at that thought* so today went to clinic that supposed to kino panel but then the clinic were close until 22 july! what a luck that im having, so i have to go to the clinic that need me to use my money * im always stingy when it comes to buy meds, weird habit i knw* and i hate being sick...

today been doing nothing but some dloading stuff...and i seriously like yesterday VsA or more like Vs Aiba??  aND now we know that in arashi the person junjun dont want to lose with most is aiba...its funny how jun always consider aiba as his rival ne...overall it was a fun episode..

here junjun said now its vs aiba?! and aiba said yes..XDXD

sho is a master at failing and look dorky at the same time..XDXD

i finally get to see aiba field navigator at the JAPAN CUP and i have to say he look so good and he look a bit nervous while reporting ne...but this is aiba we're talking about. he is not sho, sho second job is newscaster but here my ichiban can do exactly what my niban is doing and it makes me proud...the one he makes me more proud is when he himself joined to do his own style of gymnast and i have to say even though its amatuer he was so good! and the mark he got was also not bad for a beginner...gah aiba congrats! 

aiba looks seriously good here...^^

ah i seriously want to reduce my mags buying but just now when i lay me eyes on anan scan gosh i seriously love the picture...oh yea did arashi was on the cover? coz the recent anan i  glanced have fukuyama masaharu as the cover...i love the pic, aiba look so hot..but sho, hmm sho i think he really need to grow his hair fast coz somehow he looks like he was a school kid in the scan...*get bricks by sho's wifey*

and i wonder who will be on the next cover of wink far only left ohno and aiba...i seriouly hoping aiba will be last since i will be broke next month too...*sweats* i wonder when im not broke though..*sigh*

ah so nino butai ady start..i even planned to buy the english version of the novel by patricia jay smith..XD oh i dont know in the butai got nino forbidden kiss...his kissing with a guy...well more like the guy kiss nino when he is dead...*get bricked by nino wifey* and did nino really get a new haircut for that butai coz i have to say he look manly with that hairstyle *wringle my eyebrow*

at least he does look like he is 26 years old ne..XD

finally i like the cancan of arashi group pic...and my vox finally have a new banner...and now i think i have finally lost my touch on adobe *cries* but then i like how my banner turn out..haha..

thats all folks...XD


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