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AH today is junjun bday!

he already 26 huh..Otanjoubi Omedetou!

here a bit picspam of his!

lastly i always think dorky jun and chibi jun was more to my appealing ^^

im sure niki, abby and yugi will love my post today! since it have lots of their ichiban on my page O_O

anyways, i wondered what kind of bday party arashi and fans will throw for him at kokuritsu tonight? i bet i will be awesome! too bad sho-chan cant stay long since he have an election coverage to cover after tonight *the guy work himself to the fullest i tell ya!* 

JUNjun again HAPPY 26th BDAY!!!

back to arashi ramblings * wink wink*

i always thought kokuritsu concert was the best at the moment, maybe it was an open air and the scene was nice and soothing? i seriously hoping a good luck in the future of being able to go to the concert one day~

i dunno why, even when i watched the clips on the news, i had watery eyes! they were good, they are really good when it comes to emotionally attached with the fans~~

they really work hard these past 10 years and they deserved it!

and i am happy to say i am an arashian~

today my bit anxiety had been cured! i finally reunited with my ARASHI ALL THE BEST LE ALBUM! XD

i also even bought a PIkANCHi DOUBLE photobook using my voucher that i got last month ^^

that's all folks ^^


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