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ah lately its been hot....*sweats* the weather is getting worse~

just finished my 5 days marathon work last night, so darn tiring..

nothing much happened except another 3 days PT quit again, then i got listed of getting kino rm50 voucher for never been late to work for the half of the year and iza coming back from japan! iza okaieri! XD

just yesterday my line been a bit okay so i've been dloading vs arashi fuji SP, and back to back ans ep from stormy...i have to say there guys can be my daily drugs whenever i feel like getting high~ sigh*

apparently the vsa fuji sp i dont really enjoyed it i know when aiba is anxious he cant do thing properly since he feel the tension...and i was wondering why sho even played the cliff climbing when we all know how bad he is at that game... and to be pair with anxious aiba , somehow my sakuraiba have been a dragged in the game and for the team...but i have to say juntoshi have a great understanding in the game and both are fast...

but in the end aiba did making up his mistakes in cliff climbing by getting high point in falling pipes...apparenly in arashi both jun and aiba is the one who is so damn good with game...with both having preety much high mark on their shoulder...

but overall the episode was an okay for me..but i did enjoyed their ep where they did the barbeque and they really seem to be enjoying doing an outdoor activity together...

and i cant help to notices that there were lots of sakuraiba moment too..^^

okay some of the pic to complete this post..XD

sourvenior from iza from japan.>XD

kino voucher gift..^^

from here we can see aimiya friendship is the best...XD

even the shell want to have sakuraiba moment..XD

sho master atist work! XD

ohno baby~

sho brat baby face~ ^^

PPS: apparently aiba goin to have a drama entitled My Girl, a remake drama based on korean hit drama My Girl itself! and i love that drama, the only korean drama that i finished watching and love! and aiba going to work with imai tsubasa and the drama itself going to start on october...ah i seriously hope this news will be a dream come true...and if its true my wallet will be happy to buy all the aiba mag with aiba as a cover! XD  *prays hard* and oh yea i hope they will have a nice and cool heroin for aiba though....and im hoping it will be mizukawa asami..^^

that's all folks! XD

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yesterday i went to 2 a wedding of my best friend...the first ever wedding i attended as maid of honour...

today i went 2 a funeral of my best friend mom....the first ever funeral i attended to someone who is close to me...

at this short span of time proves that life is unpredictable and death is always around the corner.....


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