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last night went to watch Transformers with 9 of my collegues and all of us alone conquered the middle seats alone and got excited about the movie...its been a while i feel so anxious for the movie to start since LOTR: return of the king last 5 years ago * i know Hude, nothing can beats LOTR forever, but please bear with me ^^ *

overrall the movie was AWESOME!!!!!! i totally love it and how it have all the sad, happy, funny, action and relationship among robots and human in one element of a movie was superb! and how there were Autobots that have twins and the twins used sakuraiba color makes me happy too! ^^

all i could concluded about the movie is OPTIMuS PRIME was AWESOME! BumBleBEE can won OSCAR BEST ROBOT aCTOR ! MeGaTRON for ONCE BE A COWARD! SAM is WEAK WHEN IT COMES TO TONGUE! MiKEALA is HOT! and overrall MICHAEL BAY IS AN AWESOME DIRECTOR and im LOOKING FORWARD to the third movie! 

and with everyone claping happily when the movie ended in the hall, it was sure a good feeling! XD

next for arashi flailing

3 days of KOKURITSU performances~

5 DOMES performances~

for their 10th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT!!!!

and a realease of ALL THE BEST compalation ALBUM 1999-2009~


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went to watch Angels and Demons last night along with nicole, fifi, hanafi and jacky~

to be frank, i love the movie even though its totally altered from the book, and it is surely better than Da Vinci's movie~

i totally enjoyed it~

but beware of the first fifteen minutes of the movie, it is so boring that it can makes u fall asleep! *which i did* *sweats* 

the story gets better at the part when they went to search the preferetti and discoverable of the illuminati~

do watch if you like a suspence history movie!

next week looking forward to Night at the Musuem 2 ! XD

that's all folks~ ^^

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 watch fast and furious yesterday after work~

turn out it was an AWESOME movie!~

the driving makes me wanna drive something like that~

hmm next to reduce my anxiety disorder about my dvd that not yet arrives, i finally got myself an....

i love the book~ coz got sakuraiba and aini in the pic~ XD

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 ah today work was okay and a bit tired~

but then after work, i went to watch movie with yat and ah woon~

we watched The Confession of a Shopaholic~

it was a hilarious movie with a cliche movie plot with the setting of a beautiful woman being obsessed with shopping, meeting a handsome guy who happened to be her boss and soon lover, having a very good awesome best friend and cool parents and also a talent in writing but one day the bad habit of shopping makes her loss everything she have and later make amend to it~ but during the plot and how the story goes was awesome and funny and enjoyable~

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yabai....since i cant sleep *been driking coffee at 1am and now the clock ady tick at 2.23am* and im still dead awake...ive been whoring the net for the coming movie for 2009 and here are some good movie im looking forward to watch...

movies to look forward in 2009 )


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