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Title: Because he is Aiba

Rating: G

Pairings: Arashi x Aiba

Disclaimer: Arashi belong to each other.

Summary: Arashi thoughts of Aiba and how he is important to each of them.





Big Danger! Big Danger! Douzo.. )
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Title: Big Brother
Rating: G
Pairings: Jun x Aiba (one shot)
Disclaimer: Arashi belong to themselves
Summary: Jun feels Aiba is more than meet the eyes.
Jun is feeling depressed. Their second Dream Alive concert doesn’t really went well in the evening as the stage was caught fire during one of the performance and as usual Aiba will also messed up his choreography.
He is not in a very good mood and all the members know about it as he is resting in at the couch with his sunglasses on.
Being a perfectionist is hard.
Being cool is tiring.
Being the youngest doesn’t have an advantage.
Being mad at the most adorable person who is mostly innocent is sure a DEATH PENALTY case.
He went to Aiba after the concert finished and yelled at him for being the group black goat. Aiba looks taken aback with his statement and the moment Jun said it, he know he had said something beyond the line. He recognised the hurt expression of Aiba but Aiba didn’t say anything. That is the part of Aiba, he hated the most. He hated Aiba for not being able to be mad instantly and fight for his right as he always let Jun had his way.
Jun always knew Aiba respected him and he knew Aiba had tried his best. Jun knew it’s not Aiba’s fault to be a little slow pace compares to the others. Jun also knew Aiba had been secretly practising hard with the help of Ohno or Sho or Nino but not with him as Aiba doesn’t want to be Jun’s burden as he wants to go along with his perfectionist attitude.
Jun hated the fact, he know he loved Aiba.
He wants to be his best friend like Nino did.
He wants to be his baka partner in his experiment like Sho did.
He wants his name to be call with proud tone by Aiba just like Ohno did.
He knows he could never reach that level the members archived with the person name Aiba Masaki.
The only thing he could do to get Aiba’s attention is by looking at his mistake and be mad at him.
Today he already crossed the border.
He watched Aiba bowed his head apologizing and after that walked out from the room.
After the scene, he went to his favourite parlour to have wine to get drunk.
Tonight he is lonely.
He wondered how he will get back home once he is drunk.
Before this he had Aiba to take care of him, to chaperon him but now he doesn’t.
“Well I think about it later” and then force himself with more wine until he feel enough is enough.
“Sir…” suddenly he felt someone shook him.
He nudged the hand away and mumbled to the person to go away.
“Sir, we’re closing now” the guy tries again.
Jun doesn’t moves as he is too drunk to move.
“Do you want me to call anyone to pick you up?”
Jun shook his head and then slammed his head on the table.
The pain of his head doesn’t match with the pain of his guilty heart.
Then he feels someone hand on his shoulder.
Even though he is too drunk, he can still recognised the warmth of the handhold.
The warmth handhold can only belong to one person.
“Jun, why are you drinking without me chaperoning you?”
He heard the breathy voice he been missing the whole night nagged.
“C’mon lets get you home”
He feel the long arm belong to the person he missed the whole night holds him firmly.
When he was on his feet, he turned around, looked at the set of brown eyes that could only belong to a person named Aiba Masaki.
After the past evening scene, he expected Aiba to be mad at him or hated him at least but looking at those eyes, he didn’t see any angriness or hate shining on it.
Then he started to cry.
“Why didn’t you get mad at me?”
“Why you always let me do things with my ways?”
“Why are you still here when I already crossed the borderline?”
Aiba smiles as he hugged Jun close.
“Because I’m your big brother”
With the simple answer, Jun knows he won’t trade Aiba for anything he had or wish for and Aiba is sure someone more than meets the eyes.
And now he knows he had always been Aiba’s youngest brother.
And for once, he is glad to be the youngest…
(SHIDA said: This is my first one-shot fanfic and this time it involved my 3rd OTP. Well sorry for the lack of skill and grammar mistake. Hope you guys like it and comments are love XD… Thanks in advance for reading…)


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