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in one month i finally finished all the PERCY JACKSON series!! ^^

and i totally love it!!

i just finished reading the final book Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian and the book ending was totally a bomb for me to flails~

the story starts of with sad part as one of the camper died when they were on mission, and this time in the book the story gets into serious mode and talked about battle and the final meet with Kronos. Percy properchy also been discovered and it not been good. i love hows the story envolved and it focus more into nico past, luke past and also how the romance between percy and annabeth eveloped aslo makes me happy...

in the series, i have alot of my favourite characters such as percy, annabeth, grover, tyson, luke, poseidon, nico and also hades.

but my all time favourite would be nico, who only appeared in the third book. he is the son of hades and apparently i like hades himself as i found him a very funny and ebil at the same time is amusing...XD

overall, i just love this series and i think i even annoyed my collegues when i kept pestering them about the release of the final book that not in the store yet *sweats* ^^

from the last chapter of the book, it is hinted they will be another half-blood camp series in the making and i totally will look forward to it!! XD

and now i will just look forward of the movie release next  year and i happened to like the guy who will played percy!

that's all folks! XD

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 finally finished reading percy jackson series book two (sea of monsters) 
in this second adventure, percy had been introduced to his half brother a cyclops named Tyson. to be frank, when i read the book and the more i read about tyson, his character reminds me alot of aiba-chan when there was a part when they met a hyppocami ( some sort of sea horse) and tyson was so excited about it and he even name the animal rainbow ^^. when i read the part i cant help myself to chuckle and think of aiba-chan. 
in this book, there were introduction of more myth greek gods and livings such as hermes god, circe the socceress, the cyclops and some other interesting characters.
this time percy, annabeth and tyson had set sail to save grover who have been captured by an evil cyclops and they also have to gain the Fleece, a magical instrument to save the half-blood camp and save the Thalia tree.
this time adventure also have a part of percy found out the properchy that include him and the fate of the god and olympians.
and in the end of the book make me want to read the third book straight ahead as the last line of the book introduced percy to meet his cousin, thalia the daughter of Zues. 
okay now im off to read book three ^^
that's all folks ^^
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i have a new series of book liking now~

i just finished reading PERCY JACKSON and THE OLYMPIANS book one~

and to be frank, i seriously in love with the character percy jackson, the main character of the series and the son of POSEIDON, the sea god~

its a cool book too read if you are a fantasy book lover that loves greek myth~

in the book, you will learn more about the greek myths, the god as in the BIG THREE (ZUES, POSEIDON, HADES), the TITANs LEADER (KRONOS) and also the monsters and fairy lving such as satrys, nymph, niads, cerberus, minotours, medusa also made appearanced in the book! XD

the story focused on percy and his two friends annabeth( daughtes of Atehna) and also Grover (the satrys) and their quest of stopping an emerging another Trojan war between the BIG THREE.

in the book, the chapter i liked most was the part where the three friends went to the Underworld and met Hades. i have to say i seriously like Hades in the book~

hmm now im waiting for my paycheck so that i can bought the whole series~

and the final book of the series will be out this coming May~

and i admitted the plot sound like harry potter but then im not being biased as in the story had it own strong points and to be enjoy reading it! XD

that's all folks ^^


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