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  Today, the end of 2011, hello 2012 later..

Preparing myself with cleaning up the house as few friends will pop-up at the house, planning to watch Kouhaku later in the evening..

This year really kind of moving fast pace again…unlike last year, my focus had been on my trip of Japan and watch Arashi’s concert, this year, was full of indoor things that I kind of really enjoyed.

This year I get to go to more than one wedding of my friends. I was a maid of honor for my best friend, went to ex-colleague wedding with some other ex-colleagues, and also went to my ex-housemate wedding with another two of the same ex-housemates. I feel so accomplished this year with this attendance of my friends wedding. 

Since this year, there was no overseas trip involve, I went to two trips around the country and also finally landed my feet at Universal Studios Singapore and I have to say it was awesome. Liverpool FC finally made an Asia Tour that include Malaysia and I get to see my favorite football of all time live with my friends and brother and Westlife came to Malaysia again after ten years of absence during October and man the concert was awesome! (too bad they announce their group break-up soon after T_T) 

Work, well it still bearable, as I’m having a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. This year I’m proud to say that I work on every public holidays and I had a perfect attendance again this year XD If I was in Kino again, my attendance certificate will definitely increase from two to four and RM100 worth of voucher will definitely be mine ^^’ 

Am thinking of changing job around March, that depends on how my new boss attitude and also the bonus that we will get around January. If if not worth the wait, it’s time to move on to new place. But nothing had been decided yet.

This year I managed to make cycling as monthly exercise program with few friends and I have to say that I love it so much!

I watched lots of movie too this year! I followed lots of TV series too! 

Oh I was a master student too for a few months until I get tired of it and quit…but then no regrets! I love learning but studying sucks!


Well they were pretty much moving at their pace finally. Two singles, two concert DVDs release, Aiba’s butai DVD, one album (the second best after TIME), 4 movies released, concert tour, Aiba’s as navigator, Riida’s GQ Men of the Year, Jun’s butai, Nino Best Actor Award, Aiba’s hospitalization, two dramas (Bartender & Nazodi), I kind of like this pace of them this year. If they are a bit relax, so are our wallets. 


This year was kind of sad. Starts off from Touhaku, then what happened in Egypt and Libya, Earthquakes in New Zealand, Turkey, Myanmar, riots in Britain, now flash floods in Philippines, it was really sad. Am grateful that despite bad things happened, good things are still around too.

I really hope next year can be another good year for all of us.

For 2012, I don’t really have a new year resolution, but all I hope is I can be there as much as I can for my family and friends and just enjoy my life as I could without nothing to regret.

So guys, hope you will have a good year too! 

Happy New Year 2012!


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