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Ramblings of Aini & Sakuraiba in haunted house in HnA


The past two ep of HnA were awesome especially in the haunted house segment coz it involved two of my fave OTP… SakurAiba and AiNi…


Hehe…its funny to c our guys being scaredy cat and scream out their lungs and run to save their skin from the ghosts… but somehow when I looked at the vids I couldn’t help to make comparison between those two moments of my fave pairings…


To me, I think the second ep of haunted house was more awesome than first one esp the map had gotten bigger and there were a lot of ghosts to spook the guys… but somehow I think I liked the first ep that had my 2nd OTP AiNi…even though SakurAiba is my ichiban…X(


The reason behind this was I can see more closure of those two compared to sakuraiba… I know that Aiba and Nino are close but somehow they didn’t really show publicly about their 12 years of friendship not till lately…


But in the episode, I can see their understanding and their real side of the friendship as  they both get scared together and Nino doesn’t even blamed Aiba or get mad at him as usual and to make matter interesting, Nino even ended up losing the bet…XD…


And in the ep, somehow I sensed that Nino will always watched Aiba’s back and when they ran, they ran together instead of leaving each other behind and there were a lot of touching and holding each others…


Well don’t get me wrong, I like the SakurAiba ep too…coz who doesn’t like to see those two being scared together and being the worst scaredy cat (esp Aiba)…


The best part of the ep was the one when after they placed the doll and being chased by the underwater ghostie… but that was also the part I realised something, Sho ran ahead when he is scared and friend come in second in his mind… hehe…he was so mean to leave Aiba-chan( who was busy multitasking as in trying to hold his pant and running at the same time) behind. Aiba even surprised that Sho can ran very fast (guess he really adores Bolt that much)… I couldn’t help myself to think, even though there was SakurAiba in the ep but it look liked it lacked of the moment, as in understanding or want to cover each other back… and it somehow lack of chemistry    (is this the same SakurAiba who I always thought had the best chemistry?) …..


But in the end, I just feel liked hmm nowadays SakurAiba also been getting too much of media attention too… and I feel afraid of thinking that their friendship might base on fan service only…


Hmm I think enough with the ramblings coz I still feel I’m a SakurAiba shipper and will still supported them as I will support AiNi and friendship based relation will always come first to me…XD and I always thought Sho loves Aiba…XD and to think back in the past, Aiba most of the time being DoS to him and so this can be an exception for Sho to leave Aiba behind when they were chased by the ghosts…


Still both episode of haunted house segment were awesome! And I liked both! And Ridaa, nothing can scared u ne? As u was really awesome and kakoii!! Yay Ridaa Saiko ne!!!


Sep. 12th, 2008 01:44 pm
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ah im so pissed off today! working is sucks as it drain ur life out of it and it made me doesnt have an interesting life! my life already fix once i start working! and working made me face challenges everyday! and some challenges were good but most of it sucks! as today! i really hate it when people ask me to help them without asking with proper way! and that included the boss! ah i hate it when woman become a boss! cos somehow they tend to show they are the boss and they know what they are doing and they think their staff is their slave! eventhough im a girl not yet a woman i really cant stand a female boss! most of them are fussy and i rather working with guys!

and today most of my co-worker saw my ugly face when i went to do the job that woman boss asked me to do! i feel lucky i didnt met her coz i really feel like talking bad to her!

then i decided i just let my fren entertain me as they know how pissed i i kinda realised im not suitable working as goverment staff! im not up for the standard! and i feel depressed almost everyday!

i want to work in a bookshop...maybe i can go and apply it later....

and yay! i will get my arashi IS alive photobook end of this month! and i cant wait for it! now i really need my arashi medication!

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hmmmm lately i feel like writing after i stopped for about two weeks as i am settling down with my new rent house, my work and my life..and my hard disk broke down made me have lost interest to do some downloading at the moment as just focused on my writing up till i get my new hard disk...

well now to the topic, hehe...sakuraiba ne... is it me or for the past month it seems like sho and aiba had switched identity? before this it is SMART SHO and BAKA AIBA but now somehow lately it had become SMART AIBA and BAKA SHO .....O-O

it somehow starts from VsA episode i think that made Sho become more baka and Aiba seem to be less baka and turn a bit quiet. And then there is AnS and Sho really really had been really a baka as he it can be seen in the recent AnS...and i missed bubbly Aiba a bit...

Ah now it is CONFIRM sho hangs alot with Aiba alot up till they switched their personality???? hahahaha...

and now im at home and tonight i hope i can catch MAOU and rambling about it..XD
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When the time comes to look somewhere behind me
When the morning comes and I talk to you
I just want to tell you honestly, with no lies
That I ran my hardest all the time to get here

 ah i love this song and the PV as it had somehow become my morning ritual to watch both this PV and Truth pv..its cool to see two different types of arashi..

Well when i was watching the kazae PV somehow i feel the main focus here are on both of Sho and Nino playing the guitar and I love Sho's rap part the most.

When i watch truth pv, i realised that it focus more on Ohno and Aiba.. Jun somehow are the same on both pv as he had been the lead in One Love pv...

Now to the point i hightlight the some part of the song above is that my sakuraiba detector had detect that during the part, somehow Sho was pointing behind someone and i had to replay again and i realised that he was pointing to Aiba as then later i decided to check what the words mean and guess what, it means in full sakuraiba mode here...

now i becomed more inspired to write my sakuraiba friendship fanfic...XDXD

and how i love truth and kazae pv at the moment...XDXD



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