Aug. 19th, 2009 01:21 am
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ive been posting less month by month i notices~

hmm today at work, got a sudden appraiser~

the thing that come from it, manage job get done time management  for better in the future and also need to improve innitiative~

WEIRD, but somehow it goes very well~

but dont think i will be having another one next year though ^^

ALL THE BEST going to be release tomorrow!!

hidden track, hmm all i can it was fast~

5x10 was awesome!

aiba in spec, seriously look like KAZUMA mode ady!!! ahhhh i cant wait for MY GIRL!

apparently Oh-chan will be the next WU cover~

im so nervous for aiba drama now~

they still havent reveal the full cast yet

and i know that sept and oct, im hoping of lots aiba cover mag~

last but not least~
i made a new wallie! XD

that's all folks ^^


Feb. 5th, 2009 10:03 pm
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~I'm back again and i have good news!!! i ady have my OWN broadband!!! and i can online everyday ady!!!! minna..im so hapy and later my bill also will be happy too*pats on my wallet*

~well im afraid that i might be lacking of sleep later after this...hehehhe

~ oh yea now it seem TWILIGHT phenomenon is around the world and even in the store got alot of ppl asked whether got TWILIGHT book or not and the second book of the saga alreaady sold out!!!  and yesterday start the screening of TWILIGHT movie and i went to watch with my three colluegues...and FYI i dont even read the SAGA since i dont really like romance movie or books! so i dont have anthing to comment about the mv...

~i already finished Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and the book was awesome!! and i love it esp the main character Nobody Owens and his guardian, Silas!! the vampire! the plot also very nice going and but in the end its so sad that he have to leave the graveyard....BUT I LOVE THE BOOK!! *later goin to get myself a new book entitiled message in a bottle by nicholas sparks*

~Somehw my money rolls back at the bookstore where i got my paycheck..O-O

~Hmm 08 almost coming to an end...Arashi sure have a good year but i am not..sadly...

~ i realllly like Sho's hair at the moment and i hate aiba's perm!

~seems like some of my colluegues know about me liking arashi and most of them said Jun and Sho is the good looking one!

~Jun seem to be loosen up these past months and he laughed alot and he look young...

~Nino, i love his eyes and his obvious friendship with aiba *which they show more public and more public*

~Oh-chan fingernail are very very very nice! it really looks elagant!

~I want more sakuraiba love!

~and i think all of arashi guys might have woman of their heart...*just a thought*

~if i happened to be arashi freinds in the coming life
                           - Jun would be my BEST FREIND
                           - Ohno would be my BROTHER
                           -Nino would be my CRIME PARTNER
                           - Aiba would be my HANAZAWA RUI *which i adores so much*
                           - I WOULD PROBABLLY SO MADLY IN LOVE WITH SHO * since i really like his current hair*

~hahahahahahaha....its just a jokes minna.....XDXD since i got nothing better to do at 1256am and i have to work in morning shift later and its raining outside...

~Thats all folks...XD


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