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just finished watching VsA#62 with Ikuta Toma as a guest! *thank god the line is so good tonight thaT made me able to dload it*

it was an entertaining episode...toma can sometimes be arashi 7th member! *since nino already announced that WE as in fans is arashi 6th members! XD*

here some screencaps of the episode ^^

here is sho-chan tried to look kawaii and impressed at the same time when toma completed his cliff climbing perfectly XD

wanna know why nino was on his knees? ^^

because he have a confident aiba-chan as his partner! XDXDXD

this is aiba-chan concentrate expression ^^

i love nino " what should i do with you?!" faces..XD

i love matsumoto jun vs matsumoto junXDXD yes people that cute obachan name is also matsumoto junXD 

sakurai sho version of spirit fingers! XD

and he transmitted the deceased charm to aiba-chan! * how i love sakuraiba too much explains it! XD*

dont you think aiba mades a perfect post of dying frog here?? XD

arashi being speechless of aiba clumsiness amused me alot! *x*

MAOU TEAM IS BACK! i love how they play TRUTH as background music when ito-san introduces maou team..XD

best parts of the ep will be...

sho's trimpuanth smirk!

my two fave guys looks good in their shirt!

i somehow toma's perm! the color is nice..

i love how toma and nino look cho kawaii~

arashi with toma is a nice picture to see..^^

and lastly..

oh-chan have the best expression!!!! XDXDXD

that's all folks..XD

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in this episode, the guest i dont know who they are(as usual, gomen ne) but its a guy and two women...

the arashi guys are good with black except aiba who wear grey (somehow aiba looked tanned)


~the guest starts off first
~the havent completed the game as managed to get 120points
~for arashi team, matsujun volunteered to play (there was a juntoshi moment as matsujun and riida sling their arm together XD), and nino volunteered to be the helper
~before matsumiya start the game, they even discussed the game plan and sho asked can they disscussed it before the game...
~after hitting two button, jun already asked for the bar, and somehow nino lend it to him unceremoniuosly and they missed two passed bar
~after getting the third bar, jun tried put the bar at the holes but somehow he didnt manage it and he look damned funny here as the three guys (sho,aiba and ohno) were LOL and enjoyed seing matsujun being silly..XD
~and jun totally messed up the game!! and he even laughed at he didnt managed to complete half of it at all
~arashi got 90points
~and sakuraiba teased him for DOING A GOOD JOB!! (SAIKOU DESU NE!! they said XD)
~aiba even acted out the part where jun messed up (sakuraiba really had the fun of teasing matsujun in today episode..XD)

~arashi team goes first as aiba is the catch person
~sho asked which aiba expect the pipe will fall and aiba said it would be 1,2 and 3 and sho asked want to make a promised, but aiba declined it bluntly (poor sho, he look taken back there)
~the guest asked why aiba look excited and jun said that he is an AB blood type, that why he is like that..(oh jun remember aiba's blood type~junba moment, bdw it is said people who had AB type is weird if any of u was wondering XD)
~aiba was still confident about his instinct of the pipe will fall in between number 1-3 (the guest pressed the 3 and 4 button) and jun was getting pissed asking aiba to be serious as aiba only laugh at his remark
~no people, aiba didnt missed the catch...he did double-catch as he got 60points...XDXD(~yay~for aiba)
~and you know who aiba went to do a HIGH-5? it the only one MATSUJUN!! (junba moment)
~the first guest only got 30points
~so far arashi was tied with the guest team with 150points
~when they were asked, who will go for arashi as the second catch, matsujun said only left sho and ohno and before sho can volunteered aiba pushed ohno to play and jun said to sho, it ok riida was good with it and sho was just laughing (the four of them really dont trust sho ability that much ne..hehe poor sho)
~this part is sure funny as the guest team was thinking what button to push, riida was sitting crossed legged and show he is bored and waiting as jun said to the guest,can u please hurry cos he is sure boring up there  XDXD
~and the guest was so biased as when the announcer said start, she straightly push the button and riida was so not ready and managed to caught only one pipe..(poor riida)
~riida got only 10 points
~the second guest caught 30points
~the guest team lead as the points were 180 to 160

~this is the best and funniest part as the arashi team, they ignored sho as he volunteered to play but nino want to team up with ohno while jun with aiba and sho said, this game need to person to play and nino was like we dont want to play with and jun said you can played by yourself as sho can go forth and back to the two places (arashi were really mean to sho here!!)
~so they let sho played alone as ohno and jun help him by giving the coin when he switched places
~as the coin tower went to sho(he was almost touched the coin, the tower falls) so when they replayed the vtr, it show sho havent touched the tower and the arashi team well mostly it was sho and sho team won by the point of 340points to 240points
~sho was really happy

~matsujun messed up the first game and he even enjoyed it..XD
~aiba did a double catch for the first time
~riida was a bit pissed as the guest pushed the button early and he was unprepared
~in the history of VsA rolling coin game, sho is the only player to play it alone and won!!
~lots of juntoshi and junba moments and sho being picked by the rest of the members
~and lastly arashi won by 500points to 400points(guest team)
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VSA #15(190508)

well today's ep, the guest were girl team(didnt catch their name,as usual gomen) and the arashi members were talking about how they lost to one girl team bfore(the yamada yuu team) and then they said they dont want to lose again..

catching bridge game
~its aiba represented arashi( actually its was the DOS guys nino and jun who suggested it and nino even became mean as he suggest let the baka do it and jun pointed to aiba). aiba was preety good with it and poor him as one of the black ball hit it at the arm and he sure feel the pain as he show it on his face..aiba got 360points and the best part is when he came down from the bridge, he more likely jumped from the bridge and its really kakkoii and the audience also feel the same as they go ~woooowwwoo~
~then the guest team, the game seem to apply a new rules as the pink ball had been increased the point from 30 to 60 points and then the yellow ball from 10 to 20 points (i dont get it about the changes of point and neither do the arashi guys as they were also suprised by the news)
the guest catch mostly the pink ball and then they got 760points...
~and when the announcer announced the points arashi members goes like ehhhhh and jun even said that its not that fair of the points( i agree with you matsujun-san!)

rolling coin game
~its matsumiya team
~the arashi team won the game but the game gap was still large as 1045(the guest) to 810(arashi)

falling pipe
~the guys really want to win that much as they desperately want riida to play the game (riida even made a face of someone having a major headache here XD)
~as usual riida was awesome as he catch a 200point pipe and 30point pipe and in total 230 points and they guys were really happy as they all hugged their riida..XD (riida show some kakkoii face too...ah riida nowdays u r full of expressions XD)
~here the guest team only lead arashi team by 5 points
~the first guest went to the platform as aiba was the dictractor and when aiba was instucted to choose the button, the other guest was peeking at it and the all arashi guys was like hey what are you doing, u r not allowed to peek and then nino went to aiba and become a shielder to him, and as the game continue, the first guest caught nothing
~then it comes to arashi turn next and as they were talking about someone good with the game had to go and suddenly sho ran to play the game as the rest of the members desperately grabbing him and in the end matsujun dragged him back to the group but before they can start talk again, sho starts ran off and when the group surrounded him, he kept begging to let him played as the audience goes EHHHHHHH again..XD...and then he promised he will get 400 point for them (its more like a promise to aiba and nino, IMO)
~and guess what our smartie guy got, its only 50 points!!!!!! and the other four were really speechless and a bit mad
~then the second guest went to the platform and nino volunteered as the distractor
~and its was our prankster that help to make ARASHI WON!!  they won by 1090 points to 1075points(the guest)

~ARASHI WON!! ( this is the first time they won back to back episode)
~the ohmiya team was the saviour
~a lot of AINI and SAKUMOTO moment..XD
~its funny how smartie guy feeling guilty and afraid of getting scolded by the members
~and lastly ARASHI WON!!
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the recent VSA #14, the guest were really hunk guys(sorry didnt catch their name)...they were really manly and had a very nice build body and even sho admired the body as he went to one of the guest to feel his biceps( but later be stopped by "jealous" aiba XD)...
n this episode, they have a new game as running ball, they have to run in moving lane as they had to catch the ball from up at the from arashi, its ridaa who was the first contestant to try while matsujun assisted him in directing..riida got 210 points and the game was a bit tiring as riida shows it on his face, the guest were really good and they got 270 points...( in this game i love the part whr one on the guest teased riida for falling the game and riida show one hell a good cute face there^^ and if u r a juntoshi fan, there was a bit of juntoshi moment too XD)

next game was rolling coin...i love this part when sho suddenly volunteer to play and then the rest of arashi members and the audience went eHHHHHH...(they really dont trust sho that much in the game at all and they show it directly, hehe poor sho-chan) they let sho play and aiba is his partner, even before the game starts the four of them still picked on sho,saying out the strategies and stuff and sho kept telling them to leave it to him and somehow he felt it was four against one the game start and after it passed the second round, it was aiba who dropped the coin and aiba was preety cute there and he even got a smacked on the head by jun (DOS moment!)..after two games, the guest team still leading..

so it lead to the falling pipe they already increased the speed of the falling and it become really hayaiii..
so the first one to try the new speed would be our matsujun(somehow he is the regular of the game XD)...he catched one and it cost 200points ~yay matsujun~ and then when it was the guest, sho volunteered again, and again they members and the audience goed eHHHHHHH!!! and sho mentioned today really wasnt his day ne...well he did well as the guest only got 50 points and sho even went into his yatterman mode coz he is proud of himself..XD then they asked riida to be the next and in the end arashi won...

~arashi won!
~sho is the victim of the day!
~nino doesnt talked much...
~jun and riida is the saviour of arashi!
~there were alot of juntoshi,ohmiya,aini,sakuraiba and junba moment  XDXD
~riida making a cute face!!!!

~aiba tried to cover his shame of his messed
~and lastly ARASHI WON!!


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