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hmmm its been a while since i commented on vsa but still i dont have the mood yet...but i will still talk about it but using more screen cap..

vsa #33 arashi wore vest and it was so kakkoi..riida wore purple (jun color) while jun wore blue(riida color) *juntoshi for u niki!!* , aiba wore red *ah aiba cant let go his sho* , nino with his color and sho wore orange *i wonder where the green color goes!*

Ohno was saying that JUn looked cute in his vest and suddenly domyouji-sama made an appearance!!

domyouji and his pursued lips..XDXD

the DoM...and he knew he was in trouble..XD TDT was in action too...XDXD...i love them so much..XD

for the first game, these two played...and LOOK at jun's shirt!!! so damn classy!! domyouji-sama only you can pulled out wearing shirt with straight forward remark!! XD

the words on ur shirt really show your POV at the moment ne...XDXD

they were IMPRESSED by junba played coz those two really played well! too bad aiba didnt manage to catch up with jun..

he sure scared me when he hold his chest and cough!!! at the moment it look like its so damn real he is in pain..

obviously he made nino scared too! as nino went to him and grabbed his hand n help him walk....

AiNi frienship love is really FTW!!!!

he was really confident with his skill as a goal keeper...XD *but he let the ball in alot of times during the game!*

this was really rare..when sho asked who want play the rollin coin game riida volunteered himself!!! and it shocked the rest of the members...and....

and apparently himself....XDXD as he said i was expecting some of u to raise hand too..XDXD

ah my fave guys are hot...XDXDXD with the vest..XXD

riida was so full of cute expressions...XDXD

loser face! beaten by a kouhai..XD

jun being sarcastic while aiba and nino enjoyed the moment...XD

my fave baka guy used tegoshi name without a -kun, so sho and nino were r u that close to him that u didnt used any formal saying, and aiba suddenly feel like he need to show tegoshi is okay with that *with the sempai gesture* and asked him....

and tegoshi with un that confident replied hait with sho looking at him too as in *u better say yes* hahahha

my fave baka said that would it be okay if he turn his back like this.....

of course jun, being the reasonable one asked him if u turned like that how the camera will focus on him..and my fave baka said.....

and he pointed this....and he look so damn kawaii....XDXD and before he said that since he is a sempai, he need to get more points and he said he will get more points than he he got......

he got 100pts!!!!!!!

and he was so proud of it..XD

lastly my sakuraiba moments in the episode was not much except for the part sho holds aiba's jacket for him and at the end of the episod got a bit of their moment as aiba was yet again trying to bully the kouhai and get smacked by sho...XDXD

ok..thats all folks...XDXD


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