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 ah no no no....

new single coming out just after they recently released ashita no kioku and crazy moon~

i've suspected it will be a new single when i watched the cm and also the making, with the song played as background song~

hmm arent supposed this month estimated for an album release since the concert month around the summer going to start~

arashi arashi, its just reached the middle of the year and you guys already planning to release third single~ *tears*

i wonder what side gift they will give this time? XD

the recent post before this i flails about aiba new cm. the pic below is the type of aiba used. hmm i seriously love it esp the pink color he used in the cm.i also love sho's white color flip phone too...  


 the best scene for me in the cm was the part where sho turn his head to see the runner...i go ~kya when i saw that..^^

see how fated sakuraiba is...even in the "if we are not arashi" timeline they still met by chances...XDXDXDXD

ah im a happy sakuraiba fan.
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OMG! im so loving aiba new au cm!!!
he look so damn gorgeous! and his clothes was awesome! and the handphone itself was so cool!! the sportio version surely suitable for aiba type...
i love the cm! it was so aibaish!!

the best part of the cm was of course the appearance of sho! as a salaryman! XD
ah im happy for both aiba cm! it also have sakuraiba!! XDXDXD
in the end i am a happy aiba and sakuraiba fan~
PS: waaa i cant wait for my arashi 10th anniversary photobook to arrive! the book is so worth it to buy~


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