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Day 5: A prank you think you could pull off on Nino.

Not sure what I can pull off, but if I can get Aiba on my team, maybe Aiba can think off something and I will execute the plan and if Nino ever to found out, I can put the blame on Aiba? Because if it was me, then I will be dead in no time but if its Aiba, he will survive definitely. Nino loves him that much XD

Day 6: You have the opportunity to give each of the members a birthday present. What do you get them?

Aiba: I like seeing Aiba with maybe a scarf or Lomo camera since he like photography too and his lomo pictures were nice too!

Nino: If Nino, I have the feeling he will anything free, so maybe a tee...a Smurf tee? XD

Ohno: Anything related to fishing. So maybe a fishing magazine since fishing gears are expensive!

J: CDs, since he listen  to English songs too, so maybe any English CDs that might get him interested in listening or

Sho: Watch. Among the five of them I think Sho need a watch the most and he always wore them and since I'm a watch geek too, so I think I might get him a watch.

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Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash!

I don't know why but I think most of my friend thought that I'm an AiMiya OTP-er XD

Talking about favorite OTP, I was a hardcore SakurAiba shipper during early of the fandom year. What make me loved these two would be their subtlety of their friendship and the level of they like being in each other company were cute and can see they are actually best friends, more like girlfriends when it comes to gossiping with their daily lives...

But now I don't really have specific OTP and I basically go with any Aiba pairings nowadays but AiMiya hold my heart with their BFFFFFFFFF-ery and Aiba/Jun, there are something about the two of them that make my heart goes kyun kyun...OhBa, these two, they are like long lost brothers who have lots of thing in common but only realize it whenever they are only the two of them moment XD

Least favourite OTP of mine would be SakuMoto, it's not because of the pairing, more like I'm annoyed with the fandom itself I think. So yeah...


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Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Unless I can give something to Arashi, I think I can survive with them for a few days. I know basic survival in the woods and even have certificate from the training I went back in university but I think if they choose to kill someone, I guess it would have been me too since basically they know each other for freaking 15 years and I'm an outsider in the group *sigh*
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Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.

Hmm have been a fan for almost 6 years now. Made tons of them but there are few peoples who I know early of the year and still remains friend until today.

I remember most of my Arashian friends I met was on Crunchyroll before all of us jumped into Livejournal and Vox.

We used to be in a group called Maou and dedicated our Friday's night life to a drama named MAOU XD )


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Day 1: Tell the story of how you came to be a fan of Arashi. Include one lie in your story and see if people can guess which part is the lie.

I remember I used to be a KATTUN fan back then. Yes, it was because I love Gokusen II more than Gokusen I, and I was talking with my friends on how I love watching group who can sing and dance. So one day one friend name Ana, came to my room and said I found a band who can sing and dance and one dancing clip they look like princes. It was 2005 ONE Yes No performance and 2004 Iza Now Right Back to You. Yes it was a non-Arashian friend who made me into them and to think I'm interested in Sho before officially become Aiba's fan back then XD

Can you spot the lie in the paragraph? XD

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22-22/1/2012- Friend's engagement in Johor

23-26/1/2012- Hometown, dating XD

27/1/2012- PD with Ayu, Ema and Jufa

9/3-11/3/2012- Vietnam! XD

2/5-12/5/2012- Osaka, Japan! XD

June 2012 onwards, being broke until next year T_T


Jan. 17th, 2012 05:13 pm
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 I'm going to Osaka this May!

02-05-12 until 12-05-12

[info]snylo, Our Weaver's concert date are on! 


Jan. 4th, 2012 03:24 pm
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while everyone going to Japan, why am still stuck in Malaysia? *sigh*
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  Today, the end of 2011, hello 2012 later..

Preparing myself with cleaning up the house as few friends will pop-up at the house, planning to watch Kouhaku later in the evening..

This year really kind of moving fast pace again…unlike last year, my focus had been on my trip of Japan and watch Arashi’s concert, this year, was full of indoor things that I kind of really enjoyed.

This year I get to go to more than one wedding of my friends. I was a maid of honor for my best friend, went to ex-colleague wedding with some other ex-colleagues, and also went to my ex-housemate wedding with another two of the same ex-housemates. I feel so accomplished this year with this attendance of my friends wedding. 

Since this year, there was no overseas trip involve, I went to two trips around the country and also finally landed my feet at Universal Studios Singapore and I have to say it was awesome. Liverpool FC finally made an Asia Tour that include Malaysia and I get to see my favorite football of all time live with my friends and brother and Westlife came to Malaysia again after ten years of absence during October and man the concert was awesome! (too bad they announce their group break-up soon after T_T) 

Work, well it still bearable, as I’m having a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. This year I’m proud to say that I work on every public holidays and I had a perfect attendance again this year XD If I was in Kino again, my attendance certificate will definitely increase from two to four and RM100 worth of voucher will definitely be mine ^^’ 

Am thinking of changing job around March, that depends on how my new boss attitude and also the bonus that we will get around January. If if not worth the wait, it’s time to move on to new place. But nothing had been decided yet.

This year I managed to make cycling as monthly exercise program with few friends and I have to say that I love it so much!

I watched lots of movie too this year! I followed lots of TV series too! 

Oh I was a master student too for a few months until I get tired of it and quit…but then no regrets! I love learning but studying sucks!


Well they were pretty much moving at their pace finally. Two singles, two concert DVDs release, Aiba’s butai DVD, one album (the second best after TIME), 4 movies released, concert tour, Aiba’s as navigator, Riida’s GQ Men of the Year, Jun’s butai, Nino Best Actor Award, Aiba’s hospitalization, two dramas (Bartender & Nazodi), I kind of like this pace of them this year. If they are a bit relax, so are our wallets. 


This year was kind of sad. Starts off from Touhaku, then what happened in Egypt and Libya, Earthquakes in New Zealand, Turkey, Myanmar, riots in Britain, now flash floods in Philippines, it was really sad. Am grateful that despite bad things happened, good things are still around too.

I really hope next year can be another good year for all of us.

For 2012, I don’t really have a new year resolution, but all I hope is I can be there as much as I can for my family and friends and just enjoy my life as I could without nothing to regret.

So guys, hope you will have a good year too! 

Happy New Year 2012!
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am still a noob here..
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is he a first timer lead?

well he performed so damn well for a first timer! 


the first episode was awesome! teary masamune, yoko and koharu made me teary too!!

cant wait for next friday~~~~

thanks to ZOMBOID for the HQ ver vids ^^


Me wo tojireba

When I close my eyes

Kimi to sugoshita ano kisetsu ga omoiukabu

I think of the seasons spent with you


Futari no kioku tsunaideku

And they lead me to the memories of the two of us
Kyou mo sotto chiisana nukumori atsumete

Gently gathering a little warmth today too

my fave phrase of My Girl song XD
(lyrics credited to SALADESU~) 

all i can say friday is a day to look forward with XD

that's all folks ^^

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ah the drama had minna how was it?

cant wait for the review and also dlaod link ^^

aiba-chan had been busy the whole day yesterday to promoted his drama! while i was busy dloading all the promo vids XD

and i ady look at aiba  Mgirl 24 pages of hot steamy kdhfjygusydgdhfjkdhfkjegeuiwyruiwetiuwetyuyuyuxuzydfiudapf half *cough*naked*cough* aiba*nosebleed max* 

seriously cant wait for mine to arrive XD

cant wait~

Oct. 8th, 2009 08:52 pm
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its tomorrow~

too bad i cant watch it first hand like last time during maou~

but i will dload it as soon as the link is available..

cant wait!~


~M Girl have 24 pages of aiba-chan? AWESOME!!! cant wait for mine to arrive!

~ Nino and Keninchi together in a movie GANTZ! cool~

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i am disappointed with aiba's WU solo....
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i feel high~

been dloading spree of My Girl promo starts from the premier greeting till today PR promo!

aiba, i have to say he and the kid look so adorable together and they acted like dad and daughter ^^

his face look thin to me ~~~ maa he's been busy XD

so far his acting i like it~~ he acted confidently~~ but have to wait of full episode to comment further~~

cant wait 7th and 8th Oct for the mags~~
so far this was the mag i got for my collection ^^


that's all folks XD

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yesterday i PRAYED hoping arashi will sing aiba-chan drama, and YES MY DREAM HAD BEEN FULLFILLED!!! XD arashi latest single My Girl called My GIRL itself XD im so buying the LE!! XD
this month i know i will be so damn broke will all the mags that will have aiba!~~~~
huhu, the application to go to aiba-chan drama opening was alot~~~ 200K...aiba-chan and arashi sure are famous!~~
so girls who had been to arashi concert, YOU GUYS ARE HIS IDEAL GIRL!!! XDXDXDXDXD *now i so badly want to go one~~~~~~~*
only 8 days to go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
PPS: i hope everyone in a good health and condition after what happened at some of the neigbouring country, minna do take care!
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october goin to be a busy month for all arashians ^^~~~~

with arashi 50 hours NTV challenge week, vs arashi going prime time this 22 october 2009, himitsu arashi SP two hour, i seriously hoping my line stop being a biacth~~~ and start dloading things at normal rate~~~

and then there is My Girl~~~~~~~~~ my beloved ichiban first ever lead drama~~~playing kawaii papa with adorable kid~~~~~ cant wait!!! with aiba-chan goin to appear alot on tv show to promote his drama, my line im REALLY REALLY HOPING FOR YOU TO STOP being A BIATCH~~~

with My Girl promo, there will be also lots of aiba-chan appearance on the mag as the cover! ^^ *oh okane~~~~~* 

so somehow i heard arashi voice as the background sound of the recent My Girl PR~~~ so im really hoping for another new single *pray hard*

with arashi ALL THE BEST 1999-2009 clips itself im going to be so damn broke ~~~

but then october is a month to look forward with XD

that's all folks XD

PPS: Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro will be appearing in Vs Arashi SP!!!! this oct 22!!! ah IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT XD
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FIRST let me SAY THANKS so MUCH FOR releasinG THE subs for this episode STORMY TEAM! U GUYS ARE SAIKOU DESU~~ xD

TODAY IT JUST A mini picspam OF HOW MArrIED aRASHI members can BE! xD

first is junba ^^

we all know sakuraiba action speaks LOUDER than words XD

aini is the couple who like to bickerd most of the time XD

juntoshi is being obvious lately ^^

yama pair and sho swan pose was so damn perfect~~~~

that basically covered all the marriedness in arashi XD


the hotness and dorkiness goin to make me drown in my own drool one day XD

i always love my TDT ^^

that's all folks ^^

PPS: aiba-chan fan, prepare your okane for this major mag that will have our aiba-chan in the mag!

7 OCTOBER 2009 ~ WINK UP aiba-chan solo XD

8 OCTOBER 2009 ~ Mgirl Aiba-chan SP XD

6 NOVEMBER 2009~ GALAC aiba-chan on the cover XD

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finally back at my own place~

raya holidays ended for me ady~

tomorrow start working until sunday~

my line being a BITCH for two weeks already! i havent dload anything since then...

arashi saikou desu~ they basically conquered the popularity survey, its awesome! mostly everyone acknowledged their closeness and their 10th year of hardwork~ ^^

aiba, aiba...gah he is getting hotter lately ne~~ with his daddy aura that goin to be displayed on screen soon~~ cant wait for that~~


aiba-chan is sure kakoii with black hair XD when was the last time he had that normal color again? ^^

i'm already in My Girl mood~~~ XD 

its been a while i havent went to a green place.. i always found mother nature place is sure a heaven for city people like me, so when i had the time during second day of raya, i went to this one place called Lake GArden to hang out...

does it look nice view to you? ^^


for SakurAiba fans, what do you make up from this pic ^^

that's all folks ^^
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so ramadhan goin to end tomorrow~

i will be on my 8pm flight to go back to my hometown~

aidilfitri will be approaching the next day~

just wanna say HAPPY EID MUBARAK! to all my f-list who will celebrated it this sunday ^^


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