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july...july is the best month for movie addict like me coz  y?  cox july  is the month of summer blockbusters!! XD

i am a movie addict as i like to go and watch movie in the cinema as one way to release my stress and i like to watch good movies. i like to watch movie so much until my friend gave me a nicknamed "walking movie wikipedia" to me..
as my friends trust me, coz whenever they hang out with me, i will invited  them to watch movies with me and give them the satisfaction of good movie...XD

well lets talk about good movie being premiere this month( i will go as malaysia date of movie premiered)..
this month so far had three good movies...

first was WANTED~ its a really full of action-packed assassin movie with james mcfloy, angeline jolie and morgan freeman.. they are the finest actors in hollywood. the lead actor( mcfloy) he had a nice body and his baby face is cute as he bring out his assassin character into action. angelina, well she is hot with her acting as high kick assassin trainer to mcfloy. she is the same hot actress (but somehow she is a bit thinner in the movie) and there is morgan freeman who can bring any character into out interest. wanted is a good movie to watch if you guys are into action packed assassin movie who shot people dead by the head..XD

second was HELL BOY ~ oh man, i just came back from watching this movie tonight..and its one of good movies as well..the sequel is good and compare to the first movie, this is a bit better as the plot was nicely done and the effect are good this movie, hellboy and liz are going to be parents( i smell a third installment) and they are going to have a twins.. as for abe, he fall in love in one of the character, as the sister of the evil blond brother who want to conquered the world and hates the mankind but sadly abe doesnt gets his love as she died in order to kill her brother (they were twins).. they have a new character in the gang, as called Dr.Karacuss(s0mething like that) and his is good as he is made of gas and can control everything mehcanically and HB was jealous of him as he is a bit better than him.. so far at the moment HB is the leading blockbuster in US too and its a movie worth to spend money with..XD

the coming blockbuster are:

~THE X-FILES (240708)
~THE MUMMY 3 ( 300708)


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