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ah its been a while i havent put any ans screencaps..

last night ans was awesome..

another aiba sugoroku, and this time with cosplay..

i have to say it was a must watch episode coz it  was funny..

thanks for last of days for the vid dload ...

here some screencaps for our entertainment..

arashi cosplayer..

aiba-chan wore mexican

ohno as shogun samurai

sho-chan um in chinese

nino is a cowboy without a horse

well we all know jun like to be a king if he doesnt have arashi *gets bricked*

this was aiba "not looking like" panda look

this was oh-chan kawaii~ panda look * ah i want to squished his chubby cheek*

this is what happened when the king bullied the citizen..they got something spicy hit their eyes...

when it comes to bullying nino, even ogu-san tempted to join too ^^

uh sho swan *jafjahasjgfagfksjahajkhsjkadask*

our cute panda shogun oh-chan graceful swan pose! XD

sho-chan painted gold face is priceless esp when he kept saying sayaku~~

apparently the king also had join turning into gold party~

arashi air guitar!!! very nostagic...

ah i've been replaying the 5x10 for like 47474874869938633839 times!

cant wait for the good quality ver to come out since my own copy will only arrives at early sept...

and im in a serious anxiety of waiting for aiba-chan drama to starts. they still havent show the full cast and who get to sing the theme song...

that's all folks ^^


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